When I split up with my boyfriend, I felt love sick for ages. I felt really lonely and on top of that I was horny all of the time. In my desperation to have sex, I ended up joining a group of swingers in London. Some of my friends at London escorts thought that i was nuts, but i was really getting a kick out of swinging. A few of the girls that i work with at escorts in London, even came swinging with me and we had a great time together, it was kind of great.

Eventually I realized that I was a bit of sex maniac and that I craved sex all of the time. My boyfriend who had just left, said that he could not keep up with my needs. One of the girls that I work with at escorts in London are bisexual, and she thought that I needed to let me female sexy side out. Was I indeed bisexual and was this what made me lovesick? Yes, it was fun to spend time with men, but at the same time I felt that I needed something else. Perhaps my bisexual friend at cheap escorts was right after all.

After a couple of weeks, I decided to try my luck. I had just made a new friend at the gym, and she was really stunning. Like I said to my friends at London escorts, I thought that we had a special chemistry going on in between us. I was dying to take her home with me and just start to explore what we were both about. Eventually Sue came home with me, and we had a straight talk. I told her all about London escorts and how I could never get enough of love. Suddenly Sue kissed me and it felt really right somehow.

After a few more weeks, Sue and I were lovers. As soon as my shift at London escorts finished, I rushed home to spend time with Sue. I soon realized that my lovesick feeling had disappeared and I felt happier than ever before. The girls that I worked with at London escorts noticed that I seemed much more content as well, and that is fine with me. I did not mind telling the girls that I had a bisexual lover.

Today, a few years down the line, Sue and I are still together and we love each other. However, it is a very open relationship and we do spend time with others as well. Since I met Sue and realized what I am truly about, I do not feel love sick any more. I love her and she loves me but we accept other partners as well. Sometimes when we are in the mood, we make up the perfect and sexiest duo dating team. If you are a love sick person, why not make the most of it. I really enjoy my life together with Sue, but I have learned that it is a good idea to keep an open mind.

Escorts In London Love Sickness
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